easysteelsheds.com industrial storage building delivered at Port Gentil, Gabon

I am very happy with my purchase from easysteelsheds.com, I received a 2,000 m² building, robust with a beautiful hot-dip galvanization!

M. Chami
Port Gentil - Gabon

Another easysteelsheds.com customer satisfied with an industrial storage shed at the best value for money on the market

With a view to developing its business, the company had a real need to acquire a metal building in kit form for industrial storage adapted to the space requirements of its business and enabling it to manage its organization and logistics operations in the best possible way.

Following various discussions with our commercial and technical teams, our client's requirements were as follows:

  • To benefit from the best quality/price ratio on the market for a metal building in kit form
  • Find a partner capable of providing a quality building adapted to the needs of its industrial activity and logistics organization.
  • Benefit from the necessary guarantees to carry out its development project.

Thanks to teamwork between our commercial experts in collaboration with our internal technical department specializing in the calculation of metal structures, we were able to provide a concrete response to our client's needs. Easysteelsheds.com supplied its client with a 20.6m wide and 96m long galvanized building offering almost 2000m² with 5-corrugation reinforced prime sheet metal cladding and equipped with a sliding door.

The choice of an easysteelsheds.com industrial warehouse is based on the following facts:

  • Taking advantage of the best quality-price ratio on the market in view of the building's robustness and dimensions.
  • Our sales advisors, with the support of our technical department, recommended a hot-dip galvanized structure that would stand the test of time and weathering
  • By providing the required guarantees to the company in order to ensure a long-lasting and profitable investment.

If you too have a metal building project for your business based in Gabon or in another country on the African continent, make it happen now by contacting our teams, you won't find it cheaper elsewhere!

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