industrial kit building delivered in Lome Togo

Sapresic Group trusts us once again for another industrial building in Lome, Togo

Sapresic Group is a company specializing in the import of vehicles and spare parts, military equipment, site security, and real estate, based in Lome, Togo.

With the development of its activity and its growing need for optimized space for its various logistical activities, especially a space for securing containers, the Sapresic group once again called on to provide it with a metal building in line with its specific needs and development objectives.
The client's requirements were as follows:
  • Find the best value for money.
  • Benefit from the advice of an expert metal building design partner.
  • Ease of assembly for rapid building installation.
  • Shortest possible delivery time

Sapresic group had already called on our services for a first building, as they had the chance to appreciate the robustness of our buildings, to benefit from our best prices and to experience the ease of installation of our kit buildings, our client decided to trust us again for another steel shed of 10.54 x 20 x 6.50m

Sapresic Group
Vehicles & spare parts, Military equipment, Site security, Consulting company., Lome, Togo
  • Once again we were able to offer our client the best value for money on the market.
  • Our in-house engineers and structural steel experts took care to calculate a robust building with extraordinary durability, thanks to a hot-dip galvanized structure and a 5-wave reinforced prime sheet metal roof.
  • Plans were also drawn up and supplied with the building for intuitive and easy assembly.
  • We also ensured delivery in the shortest possible time, thanks to our proven logistical organization as well as our field experience in Africa, particularly in Togo.
If you too have a project for a metal building in kit form in Togo or in another African country, we can offer you the best value for money on the market for robust, durable buildings that are easy to install and perfectly suited to your activity.

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