easysteelsheds industrial steel building in Dakar, Senegal

The company NMA Sanders based in Dakar, Senegal, has placed its trust in easysteelsheds.com for the purchase of several buildings and has expressed its satisfaction.

It is the fact that there is a lot of effort on both the price and the quality of the products that make us want to repeat the experience.

M. Diakite
Chief operating officer, Dakar, Senegal

After the first purchase of a building meeting the needs of its company operating in the food industry, the company decided to call again on us for the storage of its various products. The company is particularly satisfied with the quality/price ratio of our steel structures.
M. Diakité, head of maintenance, expressed his satisfaction with the building's attractive price and the improved storage conditions for the company's products:
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The buildings we received from easysteelsheds.com are excellent. We have been able to store our products in good condition. Previously, we did not have good protection and our products were exposed to the weather, which caused a lot of waste. With easysteelsheds.com, our products are now safely stored. On top of that, the price is more than affordable and much better than the prices of other suppliers. For us, easysteelsheds.com is truly the market leader.

M. Diakité

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