7 500m² industrial building for LafargHolcim in Abidjan, Ivory Cost

The steel shed is huge, I am happy with it !

Côte d'Ivoire

The LafargeHolcim CI group strengthens its infrastructure with buildings delivered in Côte d'Ivoire by BâtimentsMoinschers.

As a world leader in the production of building materials and the industry benchmark, the LafargeHolcim Ivory Coast group has called on our expertise to provide their metal buildings.

The large production volume of our client required an adapted infrastructure for optimal management of the stocks of raw materials, particularly for the production of cement in the Ivory Coast, the group chose EasySteelSheds to strengthen its storage capacity, and the space dedicated to clinker transformation

The constraints were multiple: 

  • Mount their metal storage buildings dedicated to clinker storage and transformation in a very short time.
  •  ensure having a substantial volume while having the appropriate guarantees in order to sustain their investment.

Following discussions with our teams, their choice fell on hot-dip galvanized high-strength steel PRS structures for a robust, reliable, and durable building.

Our experts also ensured remotely the follow-up before, during, and after the reception of the buildings, by providing the customer with the right advice as they faced the technical constraints of installation of such huge buildings. We advised an aerial mass concrete placement in order to increase the storage volume.

7500m² of hot-dip galvanized steel buildings were delivered to our client in Abidjan,  at the earliest possible time ensuring the continuity of the LafargeHolcim CI's production of building materials in Ivory Coast.

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