Mr Zaidan’s industrial building |Guinea-Bissau|

After having purchased his buildings, Mr Zaidan says he is “highly satisfied with the value for money” and the “pertinence” of our suggestions meant to respond to his specific needs.
Mr Zaidan Director of Safcom Ltd in Bissau

Mr Zaidan, director of Safcom Ltd in Bissau, Guinea-Bissau, entrusted with his business-related construction project.

With a tight budget and a business activity that necessitates “an absolutely smooth flow of a great volume of machinery and materials” on his premises, Mr Zaindan had two requirements - “a highly functional building at the lowest cost possible.”

Our sales teams proved capable of responding to Mr Zaindan’s particular requirements by suggesting three adjacent buildings without supporting columns at a highly competitive price.

Thanks to its large surface, the building is perfectly in line with the requirements of our client who tells us he is “highly satisfied with the value for money” and the “pertinenceof our suggestions. Other strong points mentioned by Mr Zaindan include the set-up, which he describes as “easy and quick.”

Mr Zaindan is now proud to see his statement, which is amongst the first testimonies we have received from Guinea-Bissau, included here.

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In Africa, clients in more than 30 countries continue to entrust us with their building projects (with clients in more than 50 countries worldwide). More and more individuals and companies are attracted by our low prices and high quality.

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